Introduction to time management

We started this series of articles about Time management with some tips of importance of goals, individual as well as collective. In an organization the manager and the leader should make sure everybody knows what the whole organization is aiming at. Then it is the responsibility of individuals to match their goals into the goals of the organization. As a summary of goals both individual and collective could be:

  • Define what your objectives and goals are in the long term.
  • Keep your long term goal in your sight all the time.
  • Make short-term objectives, too. In many cases 3-month objectives or monthly
  • objectives are short-term enough, but at the same time long enough.
  • Define the objectives in writing.
  • Make them detailed, time-coordinated, realistic and include elements that help the decision-making process on daily level, and bring a degree of satisfaction

Let’s bring our attention to how to make our intentions into action. Let’s have a look how to use calendar and how to plan your work a little better. And how to keep up your priority order.

In principle, arranging the order of importance for work is easy. First set goals for yourself. Decide then what you have to do to achieve those goals. These are the tasks that come first in order of importance. Quite easy, isn’t it?

When you have become master of your use of time, setting those objectives becomes easier. You know what you have to do in order to achieve the set objectives. However, matters are not always as straightforward as they seem. Often people do the kind of jobs they like to do, or those that, just at that moment in time, seem to be interesting. By looking carefully at your own way to work, you’ll surely discover many ways to divide your time more effectively.

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