Separate efficiency from being busy -Avoid rush hours at work – Time Management

I had decided to change my car. I went to visit different car dealers in search of the best alternative. In the showroom of one particular dealership, I wandered around looking at the cars in peace. The time was passing and I began to get a bit frustrated that nobody was paying any attention to me. Then from the other end of the showroom appeared a man in a white shirt and tie who seemed to be in a great hurry. I took him to be a salesman. He was rushing past me when I stopped him in order to get some kind of service. I asked him if he was busy. He answered: ‘I’m really very busy and I can’t serve you now. I am the sales manager here and I’m already late’ . I could no longer hide my annoyance, so I asked him where he was going in such a hurry and what was he late for. To this the sales manager answered: ‘I’m just going to a sales meeting in our company and I am late again. I’m really in a hurry now’.

From this example you can easily understand that the sales manager in question did not have the objective of selling, at least, one car each and every day foremost in mind. What is likely, though, is that this sales manager had the necessary requirements for membership to the stressed-out club, which are:

1. Always be the first to turn up at work. Forget everyone else.

2. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are the best times to work.…….then there is no-one to disturb you.

3. Don’t ever turn down a request to do something. Always answer.: Yes’

4. Accept all invitations to meetings, parties, and accept memberships to various clubs and   associations, and so on.

5. Any kind of relaxation is just a waste of time.

5. Don’t ever delegate responsibility to another; take on the whole responsibility yourself..

6. Remember that even though you’re already doing so many jobs, you are always ready to take on more.

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