Organising and calendar techniques – Time Management

Do you really want to achieve better results? Do you know how you use your time? Most people think that they know how they use their time. Our own habits of how we work determine to a great extent our daily use of time. Those habits of ours prevent us from being effective. In order to achieve the better results you are aiming for, you will have to change your habits in how you use your time. Everything that we do during the day, even the smallest of tasks, are connected to time. In order to be able to improve the way you use your time, you have to understand where the time goes.

If you really want to develop your own use of time so that it is goal-focused, you will have to acknowledge how you use your time today. Make good use of your calenda. Monitor and record everything you do during the following two weeks (without feeling guilty). Write in your calendar everything you do inintervals of e.g. to 30 or 15 min. Don’t be at all critical of yourself in this phase. Allow your own definitions of your areas of responsibility to stand as they are. After two weeks, refer toyour definition of your sectors of responsibility and the A, B, C tasks, and compare if the tasks you have completed are connected to your responsibilities. If they are, all well and good, you have done the right things. If not, you have just two alternatives You have the wrong sectors of responsibility. or you have been doing something quite different ….?

Is your calendar only a appointment book or is it a tool for planning. If the calendar stays only as a appointment book a crucial element is missing – the planning par.  As a matter of fact it is not what kind of calendar you use – it is how you use it.

Next we’ll look at manual and electronic calendars.

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