The importance of planning – Time Management

I started this series  about Time management with some tips of importance of goals, individual as well as collective. In an organization the manager and the leader should make sure everybody knows what the whole organization is aiming at.

Now it is time to have a look at Time Management again,  In the last articles I’ve talked about planning.  Every once and a while, people tend to say that we cannot plan everything. And their first argument is that one cannot influence how his / hers time goes by. However I tend to say that:

Those, who use their time most inefficiently,
are the first to complain the shortness of time.

I tend to say:  “Use a little more time in planning and the implementation phase is shorter, quality is better and the number of mistakes is less.”

For repetition the SUMMARY OF PLANNING is:

  • Plan both the tasks that have to be done and the time necessary to do them.
  • Develop the planning process by answering the following questions:
    What are my objectives? How do I intend to reach them?
    What do I have to do in order to reach my objectives?
    How closely is my objective linked to my areas of responsibility?
    What is the order of priority for the tasks at hand?
    How much time do I need in order to carry out each task?
    In what time will I carry out each task?
    How flexible should I be in carrying out unexpected jobs that crop up?
    A degree of flexibility helps in planning.
  • Make a written plan for all your use of time. At the end of each phase, make a plan for the next phase.
  • Make a new way to plan on Friday what you have to do the following week.
  • Make a habit of planning the following day’s work before you leave for the day. Make sure that when you prepare a ‘Do-it-today’ list that it complies with your tasks, in order of importance.
  • Set yourself a time limit and aim to keep to it.
  • Don’t fill all the time available in your plan.
  • Make allowances for unexpected matters that may pop up.

And next we’ll take a look at how to use your time wisely amidst time stealers.

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